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Google::GData::Spreadsheets::GDataSpreadsheetsNameTable Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for Google::GData::Spreadsheets::GDataSpreadsheetsNameTable:

Google::GData::Extensions::GDataParserNameTable Google::GData::Client::BaseNameTable

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Detailed Description

Name Table for string constants used in the Spreadsheets GData feeds.

Definition at line 29 of file gdataspreadsheetsnametable.cs.

Public Member Functions

virtual void InitAtomParserNameTable ()
 initializes the name table for use with atom parsing. This is the only place where strings are defined for parsing

Static Public Member Functions

static string AppPublishingNamespace (IVersionAware v)
 returns the correct app:publishing namespace to use based on the version information passed in. All protocols with version > 1 use the final version of the namespace, where version 1 uses the draft version.
static string OpenSearchNamespace (IVersionAware v)
 returns the correct opensearchnamespace to use based on the version information passed in. All protocols with version > 1 use opensearch1.1 where version 1 uses opensearch 1.0

Public Attributes

const string AtomPrefix = "atom"
 prefix for atom if writing
const string Cell = NSGSpreadsheetsPrefix + FeedCell
 The cell prefix.
const string CellRel = NSGSpreadsheetsPrefix + "cellsfeed"
 Link "rel" for cells feed.
const string Event = gNamespacePrefix + "event"
 the event prefix
const string ExtendedPrefix = "gsx"
 Prefix for spreadsheets custom extensions if writing.
const string FeedCell = "cells"
 indicates a cell feed in the URI
const string FeedList = "list"
 indicates a list feed in the URI
const string FeedSpreadsheet = "spreadsheets"
 indicates a spreadsheet feed in the URI
const string FeedWorksheet = "worksheets"
 indicates a worksheet feed in the URI
const string gAppPublishingPrefix = "app"
 prefix for appPublishing if writing
const string gBatchNamespace = "http://schemas.google.com/gdata/batch"
 GData batch extension namespace.
const string gBatchPrefix = "batch"
 prefix for gdata:batch if writing
const string gCalPrefix = "gCal"
 the google calendar prefix
const string gContactsRel = "http://schemas.google.com/contacts/2008/rel"
 the starting string to define contacts relationship values
const string gDataPrefix = "gd"
 prefix for gNamespace if writing
const string gKind = gNamespacePrefix + "kind"
 GData Kind Scheme.
const string gLabels = gNamespace + "/labels"
 label scheme
const string gNamespace = "http://schemas.google.com/g/2005"
 GD namespace.
const string gNamespacePrefix = gNamespace+ "#"
 GD namespace prefix.
const string List = NSGSpreadsheetsPrefix + FeedList
 The list prefix.
const string ListRel = NSGSpreadsheetsPrefix + "listfeed"
 Link "rel" for list feed.
const string NSAppPublishing = "http://purl.org/atom/app#"
 namespace for app publishing control, draft version
const string NSAppPublishingFinal = "http://www.w3.org/2007/app"
 namespace for app publishing control, final version
const string NSAtom = "http://www.w3.org/2005/Atom"
 static namespace string declaration
const string NSGCal = "http://schemas.google.com/gCal/2005"
 the google calendar namespace
const string NSGSpreadsheets = "http://schemas.google.com/spreadsheets/2006"
 Spreadsheets namespace.
const string NSGSpreadsheetsExtended = NSGSpreadsheets + "/extended"
 Spreadsheets extended namespace.
const string NSGSpreadsheetsPrefix = NSGSpreadsheets + "#"
 Spreadsheets namespace prefix.
const string NSOpenSearch11 = "http://a9.com/-/spec/opensearch/1.1/"
 namespace of the opensearch v1.1 elements
const string NSOpenSearchRss = "http://a9.com/-/spec/opensearchrss/1.0/"
 namespace of the opensearch v1.0 elements
const string NSXml = "http://www.w3.org/XML/1998/namespace"
 xml namespace
const string Prefix = "gs"
 Prefix for spreadsheets extensions if writing.
const string ServiceAlternate = "alternate"
 the alternate URI in the link collection
const string ServiceBatch = gNamespacePrefix + "batch"
 the batch URI definition in the link collection
const string ServiceEdit = "edit"
 the edit definition in the link collection
const string ServiceFeed = gNamespacePrefix + "feed"
 the feed definition in the link collection
const string ServiceMedia = "edit-media"
 the alternate URI in the link collection
const string ServiceNext = "next"
 the next chunk URI in the link collection
const string ServicePhoto = gContactsRel + "#photo"
 a relationship to a photo
const string ServicePost = gNamespacePrefix + "post"
 the post definiton in the link collection
const string ServicePrev = "previous"
 the previous chunk URI in the link collection
const string ServiceSelf = "self"
 the self URI in the link collection
const string Source = NSGSpreadsheetsPrefix + "source"
 The sources prefix.
const string Spreadsheet = NSGSpreadsheetsPrefix + FeedSpreadsheet
 The spreadsheet prefix.
const string Worksheet = NSGSpreadsheetsPrefix + FeedWorksheet
 The worksheet prefix.
const string WorksheetRel = NSGSpreadsheetsPrefix + "worksheetsfeed"
 Link "rel" for worksheet feed.
const string XmlAccessLevelElement = "accesslevel"
 static string for parsing the ACL element in a calendar
const string XmlAttendeeStatusElement = "attendeeStatus"
 static string for parsing
const string XmlAttendeeTypeElement = "attendeeType"
 static string for parsing
const string XmlAttributeAbsoluteTime = "absoluteTime"
 static string for parsing
const string XmlAttributeAddress = "address"
 static string for parsing the address attribute
const string XmlAttributeAverage = "average"
 xml attribute average for gd:rating
const string XmlAttributeBatchContentType = "content-type"
 xmlattribute for batch:status
const string XmlAttributeBatchField = "field"
 XmlAttribute for batch:interrupted.
const string XmlAttributeBatchParsed = "parsed"
 XmlAttribute for batch:interrupted.
const string XmlAttributeBatchReason = "reason"
 xmlattribute for batch:status
const string XmlAttributeBatchStatusCode = "code"
 xmlattribute for batch:status
const string XmlAttributeBatchSuccess = "success"
 xmlattribute for batch:interrupted
const string XmlAttributeBatchUnprocessed = "unprocessed"
 XmlAttribute for batch:interrupted.
const string XmlAttributeColumn = "col"
 String for col attibute.
const string XmlAttributeCountHint = "countHint"
 static string for parsing
const string XmlAttributeDays = "days"
 static string for parsing
const string XmlAttributeEmail = "email"
 static string for parsing the email in gd:who
const string XmlAttributeEndTime = "endTime"
 static string for parsing
const string XmlAttributeHeight = "height"
 static string for the height attribute
const string XmlAttributeHours = "hours"
 static string for parsing
const string XmlAttributeHref = "href"
 static string for parsing
const string XmlAttributeId = "id"
 static string for parsing
const string XmlAttributeInputValue = "inputValue"
 String for inputValue attibute.
const string XmlAttributeLabel = "label"
 static string for parsing
const string XmlAttributeMax = "max"
 xml attribute max for gd:rating
const string XmlAttributeMethod = "method"
 static string for parsing
const string XmlAttributeMin = "min"
 xml attribute min for gd:rating
const string XmlAttributeMinutes = "minutes"
 static string for parsing
const string XmlAttributeNumericValue = "numericValue"
 String for numericValue attribute.
const string XmlAttributeNumRaters = "numRaters"
 xml attribute numRaters for gd:rating
const string XmlAttributePrimary = "primary"
 static string for parsing the primary attribute
const string XmlAttributeProtocol = "protocol"
 static string for parsing the protocol attribute
const string XmlAttributeReadOnly = "readOnly"
 static string for parsing
const string XmlAttributeRel = "rel"
 static string for parsing
const string XmlAttributeRow = "row"
 String for row attribute.
const string XmlAttributeSpecialized = "specialized"
 static string for parsing the specialized attribute on a RecurringException
const string XmlAttributeStartTime = "startTime"
 static string for parsing
const string XmlAttributeType = "type"
 XmlAttribute for type in enums.
const string XmlAttributeUri = "uri"
 static string for parsing the uri attribute
const string XmlAttributeUrl = "url"
 static string for the url attribute
const string XmlAttributeValueString = "valueString"
 static string for parsing
const string XmlAttributeWidth = "width"
 static string for the width attribute
const string XmlCellElement = "cell"
 Static string for parsing.
const string XmlColCountElement = "colCount"
 Static string for parsing.
const string XmlColorElement = "color"
 static string for parsing the color element in a calendar
const string XmlCommentsElement = "comments"
 static string for parsing
const string XmlDeletedElement = "deleted"
 static string for parsing the deleted element in a contacts
const string XmlElementBatchError = "error"
 xmlelement for batch:status:errors:error
const string XmlElementBatchErrors = "errors"
 xmlelement for batch:status:errors
const string XmlElementBatchId = "id"
 xmlelement for batch:id
const string XmlElementBatchInterrupt = "interrupted"
 xmlelement for batch:interrupted
const string XmlElementBatchOperation = "operation"
 xmlelement for batch:operation
const string XmlElementBatchStatus = "status"
 xmlelement for batch:status
const string XmlElementPubControl = "control"
 xmlelement for app:control
const string XmlElementPubDraft = "draft"
 xmlelement for app:draft
const string XmlElementPubEdited = "edited"
 xmlelement for app:draft
const string XmlEmailElement = "email"
 static string for parsing the email element in a contact
const string XmlEntryLinkElement = "entryLink"
 static string for parsing
const string XmlEtagAttribute = "etag"
 static string for parsing the etag attribute
const string XmlEventStatusElement = "eventStatus"
 static string for parsing
const string XmlExtendedPropertyElement = "extendedProperty"
 static string for parsing the extendedProperty element
const string XmlFeedLinkElement = "feedLink"
 static string for parsing
const string XmlHiddenElement = "hidden"
 static string for parsing the hidden element in a calendar
const string XmlIMElement = "im"
 static string for parsing the IM element in a contact
const string XmlName = "name"
 XmlConstant for name in enums.
const string XmlOrganizationElement = "organization"
 static string for parsing the Organization element in a contact
const string XmlOrgNameElement = "orgName"
 static string for parsing the organization name element in a contacts
const string XmlOrgTitleElement = "orgTitle"
 static string for parsing the organization title element in a contacts
const string XmlOriginalEventElement = "originalEvent"
 static string for parsing
const string XmlPhoneNumberElement = "phoneNumber"
 static string for parsing the phonenumber element in a contact
const string XmlPostalAddressElement = "postalAddress"
 static string for parsing the postalAddress element in a contact
const string XmlQuickAddElement = "quickadd"
 static string for the quickAdd element
const string XmlRatingElement = "rating"
 xmlelement for gd:rating
const string XmlRecurrenceElement = "recurrence"
 static string for parsing
const string XmlRecurrenceExceptionElement = "recurrenceException"
 static string for parsing
const string XmlReminderElement = "reminder"
 static string for parsing
const string XmlRowCountElement = "rowCount"
 Static string for parsing.
const string XmlSelectedElement = "selected"
 static string for parsing the selected element in a calendar
const string XmlSendNotificationsElement = "sendEventNotifications"
 static string for the sendEventNotifications element
const string XmlTimeZoneElement = "timezone"
 timezone indicator on the feedlevel
const string XmlTransparencyElement = "transparency"
 static string for parsing
const string XmlValue = "value"
 XmlConstant for value in enums.
const string XmlVisibilityElement = "visibility"
 static string for parsing
const string XmlWebContentElement = "webContent"
 static string for parsing a webcontent element
const string XmlWebContentGadgetElement = "webContentGadgetPref"
 static string for parsing a webcontent element
const string XmlWhenElement = "when"
 static string for parsing
const string XmlWhereElement = "where"
 static string for parsing
const string XmlWhoElement = "who"
 static string for parsing


object Base [get]
 Read only accessor for baseUri.
object BatchContentType [get]
 Read only accessor for BatchContentType.
object BatchError [get]
 Read only accessor for BatchError.
object BatchErrors [get]
 Read only accessor for BatchErrors.
object BatchFailureCount [get]
 Read only accessor for BatchFailureCount.
object BatchField [get]
 Read only accessor for BatchReason.
object BatchId [get]
 Read only accessor for BatchId.
object BatchInterrupt [get]
 Read only accessor for BatchInterrupt.
object BatchOperation [get]
 Read only accessor for BatchOperation.
object BatchParsedCount [get]
 Read only accessor for BatchParsedCount.
object BatchReason [get]
 Read only accessor for BatchReason.
object BatchStatus [get]
 Read only accessor for BatchStatus.
object BatchStatusCode [get]
 Read only accessor for BatchStatusCode.
object BatchSuccessCount [get]
 Read only accessor for BatchSuccessCount.
object BatchUnprocessed [get]
 Read only accessor for BatchUnprocessed.
object ETag [get]
 Read only accessor for etag.
object ItemsPerPage [get]
 Read only accessor for itemsPerPage.
object Language [get]
 Read only accessor for language.
object Name [get]
 Read only accessor for name.
static string Parameter [get]
 Read only accessor for parameter.
object StartIndex [get]
 Read only accessor for startIndex.
object TotalResults [get]
 Read only accessor for totalResults.
object Type [get]
 Read only accessor for value.
object Value [get]
 Read only accessor for value.

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