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Google::GData::Client::AtomParserNameTable Class Reference

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Detailed Description

AtomParserNameTable. An initialized nametable for faster XML processing parses: 4 Element Definitions 4.1 The "atom:feed" Element 4.1.1 The "version" Attribute 4.2 The "atom:head" Element 4.2.1 Usage of "atom:head" within "atom:entry" 4.3 The "atom:entry" Element 4.4 The "atom:title" Element 4.5 The "atom:id" Element 4.6 The "atom:link" Element 4.6.1 The "href" Attribute 4.6.2 The "rel" Attribute 4.6.3 The "type" Attribute 4.6.4 The "hreflang" Attribute 4.6.5 The "title" Attribute 4.6.6 The "length" Attribute 4.7 The "atom:updated" Element 4.8 The "atom:published" Element 4.9 The "atom:author" Element 4.10 The "atom:contributor" Element 4.12 The "atom:copyright" Element 4.13 The "atom:category" Element 4.13.1 The "term" Attribute 4.13.2 The "scheme" Attribute 4.13.3 The "label" attribute 4.14 The "atom:summary" Element 4.15 The "atom:content" Element 4.15.1 The "type" attribute 4.15.2 The "src" attribute 4.15.3 Processing Model 4.16 The "atom:introspection" Element 4.17 The "atom:post" Element 4.18 The "atom:edit" Element 4.20 The "atom:generator" Element the atom:icon element the atom:logo element.

Definition at line 69 of file atomnametable.cs.

Public Member Functions

override void InitAtomParserNameTable ()
 initializes the name table for use with atom parsing. This is the only place where strings are defined for parsing

Static Public Member Functions

static string AppPublishingNamespace (IVersionAware v)
 returns the correct app:publishing namespace to use based on the version information passed in. All protocols with version > 1 use the final version of the namespace, where version 1 uses the draft version.
static string OpenSearchNamespace (IVersionAware v)
 returns the correct opensearchnamespace to use based on the version information passed in. All protocols with version > 1 use opensearch1.1 where version 1 uses opensearch 1.0

Public Attributes

const string AtomPrefix = "atom"
 prefix for atom if writing
const string gAppPublishingPrefix = "app"
 prefix for appPublishing if writing
const string gBatchNamespace = "http://schemas.google.com/gdata/batch"
 GData batch extension namespace.
const string gBatchPrefix = "batch"
 prefix for gdata:batch if writing
const string gDataPrefix = "gd"
 prefix for gNamespace if writing
const string gKind = gNamespacePrefix + "kind"
 GData Kind Scheme.
const string gLabels = gNamespace + "/labels"
 label scheme
const string gNamespace = "http://schemas.google.com/g/2005"
 GD namespace.
const string gNamespacePrefix = gNamespace+ "#"
 GD namespace prefix.
const string NSAppPublishing = "http://purl.org/atom/app#"
 namespace for app publishing control, draft version
const string NSAppPublishingFinal = "http://www.w3.org/2007/app"
 namespace for app publishing control, final version
const string NSAtom = "http://www.w3.org/2005/Atom"
 static namespace string declaration
const string NSOpenSearch11 = "http://a9.com/-/spec/opensearch/1.1/"
 namespace of the opensearch v1.1 elements
const string NSOpenSearchRss = "http://a9.com/-/spec/opensearchrss/1.0/"
 namespace of the opensearch v1.0 elements
const string NSXml = "http://www.w3.org/XML/1998/namespace"
 xml namespace
const string ServiceAlternate = "alternate"
 the alternate URI in the link collection
const string ServiceBatch = gNamespacePrefix + "batch"
 the batch URI definition in the link collection
const string ServiceEdit = "edit"
 the edit definition in the link collection
const string ServiceFeed = gNamespacePrefix + "feed"
 the feed definition in the link collection
const string ServiceMedia = "edit-media"
 the alternate URI in the link collection
const string ServiceNext = "next"
 the next chunk URI in the link collection
const string ServicePost = gNamespacePrefix + "post"
 the post definiton in the link collection
const string ServicePrev = "previous"
 the previous chunk URI in the link collection
const string ServiceSelf = "self"
 the self URI in the link collection
const string XmlAtomEntryElement = "entry"
 static string for parsing
const string XmlAttributeBatchContentType = "content-type"
 xmlattribute for batch:status
const string XmlAttributeBatchField = "field"
 XmlAttribute for batch:interrupted.
const string XmlAttributeBatchParsed = "parsed"
 XmlAttribute for batch:interrupted.
const string XmlAttributeBatchReason = "reason"
 xmlattribute for batch:status
const string XmlAttributeBatchStatusCode = "code"
 xmlattribute for batch:status
const string XmlAttributeBatchSuccess = "success"
 xmlattribute for batch:interrupted
const string XmlAttributeBatchUnprocessed = "unprocessed"
 XmlAttribute for batch:interrupted.
const string XmlAttributeHRef = "href"
 static string for parsing
const string XmlAttributeHRefLang = "hreflang"
 static string for parsing
const string XmlAttributeLabel = "label"
 static string for parsing
const string XmlAttributeLength = "length"
 static string for parsing
const string XmlAttributeRel = "rel"
 static string for parsing
const string XmlAttributeScheme = "scheme"
 static string for parsing
const string XmlAttributeSrc = "src"
 static string for parsing
const string XmlAttributeTerm = "term"
 static string for parsing
const string XmlAttributeType = "type"
 XmlAttribute for type in enums.
const string XmlAttributeVersion = "version"
 static string for parsing
const string XmlAuthorElement = "author"
 static string for parsing
const string XmlCategoriesElement = "categories"
 static string for parsing the App:categories element
const string XmlCategoryElement = "category"
 static string for parsing
const string XmlContentElement = "content"
 static string for parsing
const string XmlContributorElement = "contributor"
 static string for parsing
const string XmlElementBatchError = "error"
 xmlelement for batch:status:errors:error
const string XmlElementBatchErrors = "errors"
 xmlelement for batch:status:errors
const string XmlElementBatchId = "id"
 xmlelement for batch:id
const string XmlElementBatchInterrupt = "interrupted"
 xmlelement for batch:interrupted
const string XmlElementBatchOperation = "operation"
 xmlelement for batch:operation
const string XmlElementBatchStatus = "status"
 xmlelement for batch:status
const string XmlElementPubControl = "control"
 xmlelement for app:control
const string XmlElementPubDraft = "draft"
 xmlelement for app:draft
const string XmlElementPubEdited = "edited"
 xmlelement for app:draft
const string XmlEmailElement = "email"
 static string for parsing
const string XmlEtagAttribute = "etag"
 static string for parsing the etag attribute
const string XmlFeedElement = "feed"
 static string for parsing
const string XmlGeneratorElement = "generator"
 static string for parsing
const string XmlIconElement = "icon"
 static string for parsing
const string XmlIdElement = "id"
 static string for parsing
const string XmlLinkElement = "link"
 static string for parsing
const string XmlLogoElement = "logo"
 static string for parsing
const string XmlName = "name"
 XmlConstant for name in enums.
const string XmlPublishedElement = "published"
 static string for parsing - same for attribute
const string XmlRightsElement = "rights"
 static string for parsing
const string XmlSourceElement = "source"
 static string for parsing
const string XmlSubtitleElement = "subtitle"
 static string for parsing
const string XmlSummaryElement = "summary"
 static string for parsing
const string XmlTitleElement = "title"
 static string for parsing
const string XmlUpdatedElement = "updated"
 static string for parsing
const string XmlUriElement = "uri"
 static string for parsing - same for attribute
const string XmlValue = "value"
 XmlConstant for value in enums.


object Author [get]
 Read only accessor for author.
object Base [get]
 Read only accessor for baseUri.
object BatchContentType [get]
 Read only accessor for BatchContentType.
object BatchError [get]
 Read only accessor for BatchError.
object BatchErrors [get]
 Read only accessor for BatchErrors.
object BatchFailureCount [get]
 Read only accessor for BatchFailureCount.
object BatchField [get]
 Read only accessor for BatchReason.
object BatchId [get]
 Read only accessor for BatchId.
object BatchInterrupt [get]
 Read only accessor for BatchInterrupt.
object BatchOperation [get]
 Read only accessor for BatchOperation.
object BatchParsedCount [get]
 Read only accessor for BatchParsedCount.
object BatchReason [get]
 Read only accessor for BatchReason.
object BatchStatus [get]
 Read only accessor for BatchStatus.
object BatchStatusCode [get]
 Read only accessor for BatchStatusCode.
object BatchSuccessCount [get]
 Read only accessor for BatchSuccessCount.
object BatchUnprocessed [get]
 Read only accessor for BatchUnprocessed.
object Categories [get]
 Read only accessor for Categories.
object Category [get]
 Read only accessor for category.
object Content [get]
 Read only accessor for content.
object Contributor [get]
 Read only accessor for contributor.
object Email [get]
 Read only accessor for email.
object Entry [get]
 Read only accessor for entry.
object ETag [get]
 Read only accessor for etag.
object Feed [get]
 Read only accessor for feed.
object Generator [get]
 Read only accessor for generator.
object HRef [get]
 Read only accessor for href.
object HRefLang [get]
 Read only accessor for hreflang.
object Icon [get]
 Read only accessor for icon.
object Id [get]
 Read only accessor for id.
object ItemsPerPage [get]
 Read only accessor for itemsPerPage.
object Label [get]
 Read only accessor for label.
object Language [get]
 Read only accessor for language.
object Length [get]
 Read only accessor for length.
object Link [get]
 Read only accessor for link.
object Logo [get]
 Read only accessor for logo.
object Name [get]
 Read only accessor for name.
static string Parameter [get]
 Read only accessor for parameter.
object Published [get]
 Read only accessor for published.
object Rel [get]
 Read only accessor for rel.
object Rights [get]
 Read only accessor for rights.
object Scheme [get]
 Read only accessor for scheme.
object Source [get]
 Read only accessor for source.
object Src [get]
 Read only accessor for src.
object StartIndex [get]
 Read only accessor for startIndex.
object Subtitle [get]
 Read only accessor for subtitle.
object Summary [get]
 Read only accessor for summary.
object Term [get]
 Read only accessor for term.
object Title [get]
 Read only accessor for title.
object TotalResults [get]
 Read only accessor for totalResults.
object Type [get]
 Read only accessor for value.
object Updated [get]
 Read only accessor for updated.
object Uri [get]
 Read only accessor for uri.
object Value [get]
 Read only accessor for value.
object Version [get]
 Read only accessor for version.

Private Attributes

object author
object categories
object category
object content
object contributor
object email
 property holder exposed over get/set
object entry
object feed
object generator
object href
 link attributes: href, rel, type, hreflang, title (use the defined string), length
object hreflang
 property holder exposed over get/set
object icon
 holds the icon
object id
object label
 property holder exposed over get/set
object length
 property holder exposed over get/set
object link
object logo
 holds the logo
object published
object rel
 property holder exposed over get/set
object rights
object scheme
 property holder exposed over get/set
object source
object src
 attributes type (use the defined string), src
object subTitle
object summary
object term
 attributes term, scheme, label
object title
object updated
object uri
 property holder exposed over get/set
object version

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